SUMMIT | To Protect Us From What We Seek

The purpose of extreme sports equipment is to push our bodies to the places in which they could not normally go. Mountaineering gear protects us from the cold, from using up oxygen and from losing grip on steep climbs. Action sports tools are designed to simultaneously take us to the precipice of death while keeping us safe. Adrenaline is the goal, but also to remain unharmed. For that reason, high-tech textiles and machines protect us from what we seek: The great outdoors – the challenge.

After introducing the carpet as representation of the emotionally tagged space „home“ into my work, I wanted to find its antagonist, a symbol for „adventure“ as the counter-pole of „home“. Thanks to the Summit Foundation in Vevey, Switzerland, I got to work with Paragliders.

To Protect Us From What We Seek, Carpet made from white/green/yellow/black ripstop-nylon (material of one whole paraglider) and wool, 150 x 225cm, 2019.

I decided to merge the two objects into one hybrid object. Transforming the object into hand-knotted carpets, its fabric continues to reference its adventurous sentiment. These hybrids tell a story about our desire to conquer, explore, and at the same time our need to create a home. The mix of materials allows meandering between outdoor high tech, traditional wool and reminds of open landscape.

The concept underscores a shifting marker in which landscape is mapped in relation to ‘home’, ‘adventure’ and other emotional spaces.

The project started in June 2018 with a research residency in Marrakesh by invitation of Aniko M. E. Boehler, Anthropologist, filmmaker & curator, creative & social entrepreneur. It took one year to create the prototype, which was produced in July 2019 in the Atlas Mountains. The aim is to produce a whole series of hybrid carpets.

Due to Corona, the project is on hold.

This body of work would not be possible without Aniko M.E. Boehler.

Aniko M.E. Boehler