LUCIA KEMPKES (born 1988 in Xanten, Germany)

lives and works in Berlin, Germany.
Founder of Mindscape Universe, an international art collective  with artspace in Berlin (2014-2019).


2007/08 Philosophy and Biology studies at Freie Universität Berlin
2008 Fine arts studies at Universität der Künste Berlin
2011 BFA Fine Arts and Philosophy at UdK and FU Berlin
2012 Fine Arts at School of Visual Arts New York City
2014 Meisterschüler of UdK Berlin


2020 Nominated for the STRABAG Artaward International (Winner to be announced)
2019 Awarded with a grant by Dorothea Konwiarz Stiftung Berlin, Germany.
2017 Awarded the Specific Award of The Others Artfair, Torino, Italy.
2017 Nominated for the prize Kahnweiler Preis.
2015 Nominated for the prize Meisterschülerpreis des Präsidenten (UdK).
2015 Nominated for the prize Kunst und Konstrukt.
2015 Awarded with a grant by the Richard Thomas Foundation London, UK.


2018 Research Residency with Aniko M.E.Boehler, Marrakech, Morocco.
2016 SeMA NANJI Residency, Seoul Museum of Art, Seoul, South Korea.
2015 Artist in Residence, Pioneer Works,New York City, USA.


Musée Boucharouite, Marrakesh
The Harvest Art Collection, Berlin




Lucia Kempkes, Dorothea Konwiarz Stiftung , Berlin, Germany.
I Wish I Could Climb. Proceeding in Landscape, BitCorp for Art, Milano, Italy.
I Wish I Could Climb. Prologue – Home, Galerie F + M Fricke, Berlin, Germany.


Parallax: Moräne, Galerie F + M Fricke, Berlin, Germany.
Parallax: Rauch, Kunstverein Xanten, Germany.


Parallax: Tal, DISPLAY, Berlin, Germany.


Le Petit No. 4, Espace Surplus, Berlin, Germany.


Marry Me?, Galerie Braennen, Berlin, Germany.
Mindscape Universe, Galerie Vincenz Sala, Paris, France.
Letting Grow, Espace Surplus, Berlin, Germany.


ohne Titel - Lucia Kempkes, Galerie Vincenz Sala, Berlin, Germany.


Mount Analogue, Ossian Fraser | Lucia Kempkes, Kunstverein Arnsberg, Arnsberg, Germany. (upcoming)


How many layers does the world have right now? Lucia Kempkes | Tim Wulff, The Others Art Fair Specific Selection, Turin, Italy.


Parallax: Fata Morgana, Lucia Kempkes | Tim Wulff, SLEEP CENTER, New York City, USA.


Parallax:Ebene, Lucia Kempkes | Stefan Maier, 67, New York City, USA.


Topografien, Lucia Kempkes | Shigeru Takato, Galerie Splettstößer, Düsseldorf , Germany.


Mindscape HOME #1, Lucia Kempkes | Brittany Gould, Staycation Museum, Berlin , Germany.


Lucia Kempkes | Frieder Heinze, Galerie Ei, Berlin, Germany.
Landschaft und Abstraktion, Barbro Bekken | Lucia Kempkes, Espace Surplus, Berlin, Germany.


2020 Zindekh Collection, Musée Boucharouite, Marrakesh, Morrocco.

2019 Stipendiatinnen 2019/20, Dorothea-Konwiarz-Stiftung, Berlin, Germany.
infinitiy brunch, DISPLAY Berlin, Germany.


Aufzeichnen, Galerie Vincenz Sala, Berlin, Germany.
Morceaux Choisis II, Galerie Bubenberg Art, Paris, France.


thought bubbles - 10th international artist in residency exhibition, Seoul Museum of Art, Seoul, South Korea.
such great heights, Thiemannstr. 1, Berlin, Germany.


Parallax:Berg (at Second Sundays), Pioneer Works, New York City, USA.
UEBERHOUR , the Museum, Leipzig, Germany.
Kunst und Konstrukt Ausstellung und Preisverleihung der Leinemann Stiftung, Westraum, Berlin, Germany.
Meisterschülerpreis des Präsidenten (Auswahlausstellung), UdK, Berlin, Germany.
Zur Perle, Embassy, Berlin, Germany.
Sommer, Galerie Ei, Berlin, Germany.

Visual Director for Szymanowskis Myths at Radialsystem  (Julien Quentin: Piano, Rosanne Phillipens: Violine), Berlin, Germany.


Mindscape Universe presents: FLUID, Cuatroh, NYC, USA.
Meisterschülerausstellung, Udk Berlin, Berlin, Germany.
You are the artist, Direktorenhaus, Berlin, Germany.
Drawing on, Galerie Vincenz Sala, Paris, Germany.


May Day 2013 : Pirate Utopia, Peanut Underground Gallery, NYC, USA.
456 Degraw, 456 Degraw Street, NYC, USA.
Absolventenausstellung, UdK Berlin, Berlin, Germany.


Open Studios, SVA, NYC, USA.
Only a Part of, Galerie Vincenz Sala, Berlin, Germany.
Am Ende glücklich?, Forma-T Gallerie, Berlin, Germany.
The Marry Me Project in ‚Don’t be a Ham’ , Family Business, NYC, USA.


Cusanus Werk Auswahlausstellung, Galerie im Volkspark, Halle, Germany.
Unspontaneous – Zeichnungen, Kunsthalle am Hamburgerplatz, Berlin, Germany.
Free Piece, Galerie Oqbo, Berlin, Germany.

Lucia Kempkes - Berlin 2020