Kunstpreis junger westen 2023 | Kunsthalle Recklinghausen | Germany

3rd December 2023 - 11th February 2024

The art prize "junger westen" is the first prize for the visual arts to be awarded by a German municipality after 1945.

Eliza Ballesteros, Noémi Barbaglia, Rebekka Benzenberg, Marta Dyachenko, Fabian Friese, Gerrit Frohne-Brinkmann, Isabella Fürnkäs, Marc Norbert Hörler, Lucia Kempkes, Ju Young Kim, Maria Clara Kulemeyer, Julia Miorin, Esper Postma, Miriam Schmitz, Mona Schulzek (winner of the art prize), Tatjana Stürmer, Tatjana Vall, Emil Walde, Denise Werth and Karla Zipfel , as well as two artistic positions invited for performances in the sense of an expanded concept of sculpture: Moritz Riesenbeck (Düsseldorf) and Caner Teker (Düsseldorf).

A catalogue was published.

A Stream Of Thoughts To Detach Us From The Current #39, Replica of an inflatable rafting boat (four person), four sport lifevests and four paddles in original size. stone paper, filling material, eyelets and rope, 340 x 170 x 40cm, 2023.