Parallax: Wuri, International Artists in Residency NANJI, Seoul Museum of Art, 2016.

Parallax — an apparent displacement of a body caused by a change in the observer's position — is a phenomenon that implies the experience of navigation in space. Through her work, Kempkes investigates perspectives and the impact of perception on the objects we turn our attention towards. For this purpose, she creates large-format installations, mostly involving drawing and video, that reflect her observations all the while willingly putting at risk the practice of drawing. She disturbs the medium and its processes to make room for change, accidents and inversions.

Genevieve de Orlov: Landscape in a Digital World: Lucia Kempkes' Ethereal Spaces

Parallax: Wuri 2, multi-channel video, 2016.
Parallax: Ebene Drawing #1, pigment on paper, ca. 150 x 180 cm, 2015.

The reason we feel secure in an enormous landscape is because we believe that it will always be present firmly. The reason we are in need of this belief is because uncertainty in our lives brings anxiety and fear, even though making our lives colourful. Therefore, we always seek things that are comforting and immutable — a memory of childhood, of home and a mighty scenery are examples. However, because nothing intrinsically exists in perpetuity, we are faced with deep despair. What I find in Lucia KEMPKES' works are the weaknesses and uncertainties of landscape.

Kim Ji Hye - The landscape that is living together with us.
Published in the Seoul Museum of Art NANJI Residency Catalogue 2016.

Parallax: Tal at DISPLAY Berlin, 2016.
Parallax - Ebene Drawing #2, graphite on paper, 150 x 430 cm, 2015.
Parallax: Ebene, 25 min Video, sound by Stefan Maier, 2015.
Installation view: Parallax: Rauch , The Others art fair, Torino, Italy, 2017.